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Talk about a team of super cute, results-driven, talented and award-winning PR professionals! (Well, that’s what our parents tell us we are). Just like a great PR campaign, we’re multi-layered and have lives outside of LBPR. So who’s the dancer, who’s a crime fiction addict and who’s won an Olympic medal? Read on to find out!

Lisa Burling Blake

Founder & CEO

Meet our Founder and CEO Lisa. She’s a broadcast journalist, published author and award-winning businesswoman and PR professional. Recently elevated to the status of Fellow by the Public Relations Institute of Australia in recognition of her contribution to the PR industry in Australia and globally, she brings to the table more than 20 years’ experience working on some of the world’s biggest brands.

She set LBPR up at a time when most wouldn’t, and has worked her butt off to make it the success it is today.

Best part of the job? Lis says without a doubt, having the chance to write compelling content for clients that ignites something in their target audience. Everything we do in PR is about changing behaviour in some way, and knowing words can do that is intoxicating.

Is she a tea or coffee girl? It turns out, a bit of both! Coffee in the morning (almond latte), tea at night (T2 Melbourne Breakfast).

Her Public Relations Definition? Lis best answers this by saying what it isn’t. “As PR professionals, we are not publicists or spin doctors. PR does not stand for press release. We are strategists, communicators and connectors.”

Fun fact: She is a former dancer and can foxtrot, samba and copy a Britney Spears music video like nobody’s business.

Colin Burling Blake

Head of Strategy

Meet Colin. He’s our Creative Strategy Lead.

Is there anything this guy hasn’t strategised for? MTV, Viacom, General Pants Co…the list goes on and on. A straight shooter with a knack for innovative thought whilst remaining focused on achieving commercial outcomes, Colin brings global business experience and a perspective to our team that is second to none. Experiential marketing, major events, sponsorships, brand creation and collaborations are his sweet spots.

Originally from Vancouver in Canada, he’s now an Aussie citizen with a love for surfing and great coffee.

Colin’s definition of PR? He prefers it to stay undefined, that way everything is possible.

Fun fact: Colin coached the first-ever Canadian snowboarding team to Gold Medal victory at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

Lauren Spencer

Client Services Director

Meet Lauren, otherwise known as Loz. She’s a PR professional who brings corporate and consumer communications experience from Australia and Canada to the LBPR team. Her work spans a multitude of industries, and like a dog with a bone, she’s dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Best part of the job? Loz says she loves that not one day is the same. From working across diverse industries, to a variety of projects – each day offers something different. She also loves being able to wow our clients through the power of PR.

Tea or coffee? She loves a good latte, but also appreciates a lovely hot cup of tea.

Her definition of PR? Loz always refers to the quote “PR is what others say about you”. It’s about creating meaningful connections and building a brand’s image, reputation and credibility.

Fun fact: Loz was once a dance teacher, and now channels her love for the sport via a healthy obsession with dance-related movies and TV shows.

Kasey Simpson

Campaign Director

Meet Kasey. She’s an experienced communications professional with eight years within the industry under her belt. Kasey is our go-to media relations guru with an impressive rolodex full of influential contacts.

Why does she love her job? Kasey explains, “PR allows you to flex your creative muscles, yet it also grounds you with strategic purpose and direction. It’s the best of both worlds!”

You’ll find her in the LBPR office stuck to her desk smashing client KPIs left, right and centre or Googling food…wondering which restaurant to go to on Saturday or how to debone a duck? Just ask her!

Fun fact: Kasey is double-jointed at the elbows allowing her to pass her arms overhead without releasing her fingers. Some freaky stuff!

Amelia Penning

Account Manager

Meet Amelia, aka Milly. She’s a PR Graduate and Wollongong local with a drive to implement creative campaigns in a vast range of industries.

Best part of the job? Milly says she loves getting to work and facing a new challenge everyday, as well as the amazing LBPR team!

Tea or coffee? She loves a large coffee to kickstart her morning and enjoys a nice hot cup of tea after dinner.

Her definition of PR? Milly believes PR can’t be defined, it’s always changing and evolving with the digital and media landscape.

Fun fact: Milly loves crime fiction books, once she starts a book it goes everywhere with her…on the odd occasion even to the bathroom.

Yazmin Thomas

Account Manager

Meet Yazmin. She’s a degree-qualified PR professional who has kickstarted her career strong at LBPR. With experience across a variety of industries, Yaz’s exceptional people skills and industry knowledge make her a valuable asset to our team.

Best part of the job? Yaz says she loves how LBPR becomes an extended part of each and every client’s team where we are there for support and provide real meaningful results.

Tea or coffee? Without a doubt, Yaz is our tea connoisseur at LBPR with each morning choosing a different exotic tea flavour to set a positive day.

Her definition of PR? “PR encompasses both a strategic and creative way to build, track and connect the right people to nurture and grow a brand.”

Fun fact: Yaz’s love for dogs and crocheting is what consumes her spare time whilst googling compelling and terrifying celebrity conspiracy theories.

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