COVID-19 PR Series: Creating compelling social media content

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As the famous saying goes, “failing to plan, is planning to fail”, and that is certainly true when it comes to considering the best content to share with your followers and “likers’ on social media.

Think about the social media accounts you like to follow – is it because the content adds value? Are there regular content themes you like to engage with?

Human beings are creatures of habit, and securing eye balls on your social media posts can be as simple as giving people what they want, when they want it!

Businesses that do best in terms of engagement and acquisition of followers in the social media environment almost always have planned content – often posting formulaic themes on the same day each week – and add value with that content. They also choose to adopt a consistent tone of voice reflective of the real-life customer experience.

Here are our Top 5 tips for creating compelling social media content:

Tip 1
To get started, not meet with your team and brainstorm some themes you can post about each week. These could include top tips, weekly giveaways offering a $20 voucher, meet the team, a funny meme, or a local event/initiative your business is involved in

Tip 2
Write the posts! Most of the time, you can use one post across both Facebook and Instagram. Linked In may need a minor tweak to make it more professional in tone. 3-4 posts a week is sufficient, unless you have something special to communicate. Use language that reflects your business and the customer experience – a tone that is professional, knowledgeable and approachable is a good place to start. Your online presence should reflect your ‘real world’ one. Extra Tip: Read Key Messages Blog for further advice

Tip 3
Collect images for each post, ensuring they are as professional as possible. Jpeg files around 2-3MB are great quality. We use iStock or Getty images for our clients, and mix with images our client has taken to keep it realistic.

Tip 4
Decide on hashtags that best describe the content. We recommend up to five, and one should be the name of your business. LBPR uses #pr #lbpr #pragency #wearelbpr #prisnotwhatyouthinkitis as regular hashtags to ensure people looking for our content can search quickly;

Tip 5
Finally, put the words and images into an Excel spreadsheet or Word template, with a line dedicated to each post. This way, you can easily “cut and paste” into a Facebook or Instagram post. Extra Tip: Facebook and Instagram posts can be scheduled in advance via Creator Studio within Facebook; you can also use OnlyPult to schedule Instagram posts.

Measuring success

We recommend monthly analysis to identify trends, and always remind clients that the performance of their social media assets is not measured on follower acquisition alone. In addition to followers, you can also measure engagement and impressions to determine how many people are being reached by content and how many people are engaging with it (e.g. liking, commenting, and sharing). Engagement, impressions and follower acquisition are equally important to successfully manage a social media account. Facebook and Instagram both do the analysis for you; got to the Insights tab at the top of your Facebook Page or click on the three horizontal lines at the top of your Instagram account to access this data.

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