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by | Oct 12, 2021 | LBPR Team

Meet Yaz, one our superstar Account Managers. We put her in the hot seat to find out what PR is to her and what she thinks of the results of our #prisnotwhatyouthinkitis campaign research.

I got into PR because…

During studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Marketing at the University of Wollongong, I developed a passion for creating connections between a brand and its audience. I knew PR was for me once I took my first PR subject and the endless opportunities this industry could provide.

When people ask me what PR is, I usually say…

For those who work in Public Relations, you’ve all probably had the awkward encounter when someone asks, “So what do you do?” You follow by explaining, “I work in PR!” You then hear the dreaded, “So basically marketing?” I follow by explaining, “I am sure you have read a quality piece of content on a product in the media, or watched a credible video on social media about how to make the most of a product? That’s PR. That’s what I do!”

If I had to give a definition of PR, it would be…

PR focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders.

The thing I love most about a career in PR is….

Every day is different, and it is truly rewarding building the trust and credibility of a brand.

When I reviewed the #prisnotwhatyouthinkitis survey findings, I was most surprised by….

It was surprising that crisis management, media training and strategy are the most common services businesses expect from a PR agency.
This was because many are confused with the major differences between PR and Marketing. There are many aspects of both industries that largely cross-over and align, but the individual roles they play within a communications strategy are very different. PR focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders, which involve activities such as influencer management, social media and stakeholder management, whereas marketing predominately focuses on promotional and sales efforts.

When I reviewed the #prisnotwhatyouthinkitis survey findings, I was least surprised by….

When Business Decision Makers were asked what first comes to mind when thinking about PR, they included community, business and relate.
PR is all about being loyal advocates for your clients. We truly become extended members of their team where we are there to support and provide our recommendations on important decision making. We are a community of people who come together to achieve a brand’s objectives and goals; long-term and short-term.

I think PR is the most important part of the marketing mix because….

PR is the missing puzzle piece to achieve a strong and clear strategy for a brand, deliver meaningful results and a powerful message.

I’d like to see the PR industry…

Further educate business decision makers that PR is more than writing media releases; it involves content creation, copywriting, SEO, social media and influencer activities that your brand earns.


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