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From creating compelling content, to building long-lasting relationships and securing on-message editorial media coverage, we are what you’d probably refer to as a “full service” PR consultancy. Find out more about what we do right here.


S may be the 19th letter in the alphabet, but with LBPR it comes first. We don’t undertake anything without a clear strategic intent. We like to know our client’s business objectives so we can work out how PR will help them get there. This non-negotiable approach to PR is why we consistently win national PR industry awards.

Editorial Media Campaigns

We help craft your story in a way that will be attractive to journalists – that magical sweet spot where you want to communicate meets what they want to cover. It’s an art and takes time. We also offer media training to clients who need it; our journalist backgrounds mean we know how to get spokespeople ready!

Stakeholder Engagement

Whether it’s identifying experts that can shape your story, gathering opinions of those who matter, or opening a conversation on your behalf, relationship building is our sweet spot. We’re skilled at creating stakeholder map, researching current views, managing the relationship-building process, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Content Creation

Ah, words! Images! Video! Podcasts! Whether it’s for social media, media materials, internal communications or marketing collateral…we love it all and we do it well. Content is king, a picture tells a thousand words…these sayings still ring true and for good reason. Getting content right – whether it’s from scratch or a refresh – is paramount to PR success. Oh, and we love doing it!

Digital Influencers

All our clients engage with digital influencers in some way. We make it easy for them – we know who the best ones are, how they fit with a client’s brief, and can tap directly into our own qualified database to make sure this is a positive experience for both sides. Our national PR industry recognition for digital influencer campaigns are a testament to our abilities.

Social Media Management

No longer an optional activity, great social media relies on great content and the ability to build virtual communities. From social media strategy, to compelling content plans and images, we see social media as a natural fit for us as wordsmiths and connectors. We understand how it works and can build quality, engaged online communities with ease.

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