What can we do today to get you where you want to be tomorrow?

Who we are

Our Approach

LBPR is an award-winning and highly experienced marketing and PR team. We know our stuff.

When we meet with prospective or current clients, this is always our first question:

“What can we do today to get you where you want to be tomorrow?”

You can expect from us results-driven guidance, strategic thinking, structured implementation, and thorough evaluation.

Cheap publicity stunts or random tactical activities aren’t our thing. We focus on marketing and PR that is quality, taking into account the big picture and outcomes that drive commercial goals.

We’re all about helping your business leave a lasting impression on your target audience with a meaningful message that makes them want to know more…buy more….and become a loyal customer.

The Process

Goals, Objectives, Strategy

There is no doubt that failing to plan is planning to fail. We’ve been in the PR industry long enough to know that strong results rely on crystal clear clarity around what our client is wanting to achieve. We always start with the end in mind – our client’s business or marketing objectives – and distil these into a strategic approach that will work.


This is where the rubber hits the road. We’re sticklers for timelines, deadlines, clear lines of responsibility, plus ongoing reporting and analysis. If you work with LBPR, you’ll never wonder where a project is at, who’s responsible for what, or how we’re tracking. We’re in the business of clear communication and live by this way of working every day.

Evaluate & Debrief

Once a project or campaign is completed, we prepare a throughout evaluation which takes into account what we set out to achieve versus the outcome. Usually, the two marry up nicely (that’s what experience brings to the table), and we always look at outputs plus outcomes. Achieving a behaviour change and tangibly moving the needle for clients is our ultimate goal.

Working Together

an extension of your team

We work best when you consider us a partner in your business – that extra brain and helping hand that can provide a new perspective, create or challenge a strategy, and above all else get s^&# done. Just like all successful partnerships we work best – and do our best work – with clients who trust us, empower us and let us do our thing.


What our clients say

“Girl Guides Australia’s Diamond Anniversary of selling biscuits was a milestone event and we chose LBPR to tell our story. LBPR proved to be an essential element in the success of the 2018 Girl Guide biscuit fundraiser. We sold all biscuits ordered and this was because of the national, state and regional editorial media coverage secured.”

Girl Guides Australia

“The way this campaign engaged the Illawarra community, generating a thousand photos posted to Instagram and Facebook, demonstrates LBPR’s innate understanding of social media and how to best use these platforms to communicate key messages and achieve maximum brand visibility.”

Destination Wollongong

“Prior to LBPR coming onboard, our social media presence was almost non-existent and we now exceed 30,000 followers across our platforms. LBPR take in the big picture and focus on aligning all communications back to the strategic direction of our business. They create engaging content that is forever evolving based on the response from the market, consistently delivering a comprehensive communication plan that's realistic and effective.”

HiKOKI Power Tools Australia

“LBPR truly helped us achieve strong sales for Bravecto in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We strongly believe this strategic PR campaign from LBPR was critical to the commercial success of Bravecto last tick paralysis season and the overall results we achieved are a true testament to success.”


Ready to tell your story?

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