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Think of us as conversation starters. We get the people that matter talking about you.

We’re all about creating compelling human connections, making strong impressions and fostering amazing relationships.

Everything is connected. Connected is everything.

As globally experienced opportunity finders, story-tellers and problem-solvers, we don’t believe in waiting for opportunities.

We create them!



Let’s be frank. We don’t want to be told that you want to buy a media release or a social media campaign.

LBPR clients are the ones that want to invest in a real business outcome, so they share the desired end result and leave the tactical recommendations to us.

Maybe you want to increase sales? Maybe you want to reach a new demographic of customers? Maybe you want a house made out of cheese (who are we to judge)?

Whatever it is, let US guide YOU on how our expertise can help you reach your goal, efficiently and effectively. Plus, we’ll always be honest if we don’t think we’re what you need right now.

Marketing + PR Strategy

Everything we do – media relations, social media, marketing campaigns - begins with strategy, guided by business objectives and driven at full throttle by a vision. Our best work hinges on getting to know who you are, your challenges and opportunities, and objectives. After that, you can expect from us honesty, creativity, clear messaging and results.

Editorial Media Campaigns

Positive media coverage achieved by introducing true innovation, raising topics that should be hot, shaping thought-provoking debate and managing crisis situations.

Stakeholder Engagement

We find your advocates and nurture them. Communicating your worth, inspiring opportunities for growth, and fostering trust, respect and buy-in.

Content Creation

At heart, we are all storytellers. Whether it’s websites, magazines, eDMs, fliers, promotional material or social media, we turn words into prose that enables a connection with your target audience. Simple.

Digital Influencers & Social Media

You can't afford not to have a digital presence. You need to get involved - and people expect you to meet them where they are. This means social media, online content and engagement with digital influencers like bloggers. Our approach is award-winning and underpinned by strategies that work.



During the height of the Australian summer and the devastating bushfires, local businesses in Berry were hit hard when many visitors had to cancel plans to visit the beautiful town.

We had the pleasure of encouraging people to get #backtoberry through the use of a creative influencer marketing campaign across social media.